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Towards more Gender-Sensitivity in Youth Work

Last training for practitioners and young people for the Gender Sensitivity in Youth Work project !

09/03 2020

09 to 13 March 2020
Berlin, Germany
YES Forum

Adolescents in Europe today are confronted by new challenges on gender roles, which are brought to them by their personal environment, schools or the media, and have an influence on personal development, however, the younger generation is still struggling with gender stereotypes.

Since 2018, YES Forum has worked in partnership with BAG EJSA on the project "Gender" in order to create and foster gender-sensitive approaches in youth work across Europe.

The last training in Berlin will allow young people from different social contexts to debate their own gender role desires, fears and expectations, as well as provide them with input so that in the end they work out which different characteristics and attributes are decisive for their own growth

Moreover, the aim of the training will also be to work with professionals so that they are able to improve their gender-sensitive pedagogical practice.