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YourEP 1st Partner Meeting in Stuttgart

On 30-31 May, the 10 partners of the YourEP project will meet in Stuttgart for the 1st Transnational Project Meeting.

30/05 2017

30 to 31 May 2017
Stuttgart, Germany
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YourEP will consist of 3 Transnational Project Meetings and 2 Blended Mobility activities aimed at developing and implementing a political simulation of the European Parliament (EP) specifically designed to be more inclusive than the existing ones.

The first Transnational Project Meeting will involve 1 staff and 1 young participant per partner. Besides a review of the project and its administrative & financial rules, the meeting will focus on planning and fine-tuning the next steps, with a special attention on how to adapt their format to the participants.

For more information about the YourEp project, please check the project's webpage.