YES Forum


H2020 PROMISE at the YES Forum 2018 Annual Event!

On 14-15 September, H2020 PROMISE was once again a prominent part of YES Forum's latest youth engagement event, with its 2018 Annual Event organised in Athens.

19/06 2018

During a session called “YES Forum’s New Horizons”, Alessia Mefalopoulos from the Italian Research Institute IPRS gave a presentation to young people and youth workers from the YES Forum network.

She explained about the PROMISE project’s overall objectives, how it is showing that young people all over Europe are turning their conflict with authorities into positive social change, and illustrated the project’s progress by giving more details on a specific case study conducted by IPRS.

The discussion followed by the presentation stressed the need for stronger links between research and the youth field. A stronger collaboration would indeed provide a better understanding of the youth field to researchers all over Europe and conversely, would allow the youth field to contribute to and better inform researches such as H2020 PROMISE. Together, we can broaden our horizons and even achieve a greater impact on policy-making!

For more information about PROMISE, feel free to have a look on its official website!