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Access to Vocational Training and the need for on the job training represent a challenge for young people all across Europe. To tackle unemployment and break the cycle of social exclusion of youth and especially NEETs, YES Forum and 6 European partners have been involved in the project “The Employable Youth: It Works!” for over a year now! 

Our Achievements

The different partners held the 3rd transnational partner meeting in December 2020 in an online format. It was a great opportunity for the partners to exchange questions and information and to align everyone’s next steps. The year was marked by the elaboration of a Handbook & Toolbox for professionals, as well an Educational Module for Soft Skills for Employability.

The Handbook & Toolbox for professionals gathers different tools provided by project partners. It is meant to be easily adaptable and transferable to serve the needs of different groups facing similar difficulties as NEETs, in other organizations and EU countries.

The educational module on Soft Skills for Employability is designed for young people and aims to enhance their knowledge about different opportunities, boost their employability and serve as a basis for the preparation of the "Assisted Training Scheme". The module is based on the European Qualifications Framework.

The partners will now start piloting the Toolbox and Module in focus groups. Group discussions will allow the partners to get feedback from experts from other countries.

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