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Towards more Gender-Sensitivity in Youth Work (2018-2020)

Action: Erasmus+ KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for youth

Project coordinator: BAG EJSA




Gender equality is a fundamental value of the European Union.
Adolescents in Europe today are confronted by new challenges on gender roles, which are brought to them by their personal environment, schools or the media, and have an influence on personal development, however, the younger generation is still struggling with gender stereotypes.


From 2018 to 2020, YES Forum will work in partnership with BAG EJSA on the new project "Gender" in order to create and foster gender-sensitive approaches in youth work across Europe.

We want to contribute to the achievement of gender equality and equalisation in different countries within the EU through increasing knowledge about the diversity of adolescent life situations (young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the appearance of gender stereotypes, the overlap of different forms of discrimination) and developing methods for working with disadvantaged young people of all sexes.

"Gender" is targeted at the social practitioners working with young people and youngsters themselves, to explore their attitudes towards gender issues ; what they bring to work and reflect on their own values. In order to change mentalities by promoting gender-sensitive work with young people, the project will help to reflect on the challenges of traditional gender-specific roles and related responsibilities in youth work.

With this project we want to make an important contribution to gender equality, professionalisation of youth and social work in Europe


The use of a wide range of methods and modern media (keynote speeches, workshops, round tables, exchange of best practice) will be applied to the project.  The project-relevant activities include 4 TPMs ( in Stuttgart, Athens, Groningen, Bilbao) and a 5-day Joint Staff Training regarding "Attitudes and Approaches - Towards more Gender Sensitivity in Youth Work" and a Blended Mobility of Young People on "Gender - Family, Education, Work and Wellbeing - Perspectives and Realities from Young People ".