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YourEP's conclusion is getting close ... let's celebrate!

19th December 2018

On New Year's Eve, YourEP Project will be officially concluded!

There's been a lot of activity lately - sharing results, a Final Conference in Brussels, publishing outcomes ... - and partners themselves have not been idle!

With them, #YourEPsimulation traveled all over Europe: their local events shared YourEP's lessons for Inclusive Political Education. Young people, youth workers, students, volunteers, local politicians, all heard about us ;)

To celebrate the conclusion of a very successful project, here are some pics of these events!

Activa, Go Foundation, Zefiro Cooperativa, BAG KJS, Caritas Ludwigsburg Waiblingen Enz, The Inclusion Network, Piteå kommun, Nevo Parudimos, Action Jeunesse Pessac, Young European Federalists [JEF], Erasmus+: Thanks again!

Second Publication! "Sésame, Ouvre-toi! Recommendations – Unleashing the full potential of political simulations"

04th December 2018

Everybody deserves a chance to be a well-informed citizen. Do you agree? Then have a look at our YourEP Project’s tips!

“Open Sesame!” is the motto of these Recommendations. In here, you will find short & targeted solutions to foster Social Inclusion in political education, focusing on one example: “Unleashing the full potential of Political Simulations”!

Concluding the entire project, this publication is entirely based on our “YourEP Experiment”: for two years, diverse young people themselves & social workers designed and tested their own simulation of the European Parliament. Main objective: exploring ways of making it as Inclusive - regardless of participants’ personal background and needs - and Accessible - regardless of participants’ prior knowledge of or interest in politics and the EU.

Beyond political simulations, these tips can be applied to many other methods in political education. So whether you are organising your own simulations, would like to do so in the future, or are involved in non-formal education in general, we hope it can help you reaching youth in all its diversity!

And many many thanks to our dear YourEP Partners, Erasmus+ for making this experience possible, and everybody who showed interest in this experiment and its results!

YourEP Project: Challenge completed! YES Forum 2018 Policy Event, Brussels

29th November 2018

On 21-22 November in Brussels, the YourEP Project was the star of YES Forum’s Policy Event.

Its participants proudly presented their success to more than 50 guests and discussed YourEP’ results: concrete tips to make more inclusive political simulations.

An opportunity to stay on course and keep developing accessible political education across Europe!

For a summary and all information on YourEP’s lessons for inclusive political education, check our Report here!

YourEP at BAG KJS’ “Brüsseler Club”!

11 October 2018

On 11 October, YES Forum was invited to present its work to the "Brüsseler Club", involving member organisations of the German network of youth and social workers BAG KJS.

A great opportunity to discuss our YourEP Project's results, and especially what to take out of it to raise awareness on the #2019EUelections through inclusive and accessible political education.

Also the perfect time to promote the European Parliament’s #ThisTimeImVoting campaign!

First Publication! "The YourEP Experiment - Key Lessons for Inclusive & Accessible Political Simulations"

25th July 2018

Are you interested in innovative, non-formal AND inclusive EU & political education? Organising your own political simulation, and willing to make it accessible to a wider, more diverse audience? Or simply curious of how YES Forum and its partners adapt "traditional" methods to foster Social Inclusion?

Then here's a must-read for you: "The YourEP Experiment - Key Lessons for Inclusive & Accessible Political Simulations"!

These few pages present how the YourEP Project, thanks to the cooperation with its partners and young participants themselves, designed the #YourEPsimulation of the European Parliament. It focuses on the key aspects that were explored to make this political simulation Inclusive - regardless of participants’ personal backgrounds and difficulties - and Accessible - regardless of participants’ prior knowledge of or interest in politics and the European Union.

And now, feel free to spread the word!

YourEP – Simulation Accomplished! Strasbourg, 29-31 May

12th June 2018

On 29 May - 3 June in Strasbourg, the YourEP Project held its simulation of the European Parliament involving all its participants, with a majority of young people experiencing one of their first trip abroad as well as their first Erasmus+ experience.

Designed for 1 year with the young participants themselves, the main objective was to make the simulation inclusive, accessible and as informal as possible for young people that are not familiar with the European Parliament.

It was of course only a simulation, but the YourEP project provided them an informal participative learning on how EU legislation works and an encouragement to be involved in the European project as citizens.

Thanks to their active participation and adapted methods, the project was a success and all participants, despite their different backgrounds and cultures, managed to interact and work together, and reach an impressive result embodying the EU motto “United in Diversity”. And a bonus: our group could also take part in the European Youth Event 2018, and make the European Parliament their home for two additional days!

For more information, you can check the full Report on our week in Strasbourg, or more pictures here!

The young participants step into their new "YourEP shoes"!

14th May 2018

Only a few weeks left before our #YourEPsimulation of the European Parliament!

The young participants are now preparing to step into their new shoes - as "YourEP MEPs", "YourEP Lobbyists" and "YourEP Journalists" - and presenting their role in the simulation to each other in many creative ways.

Here's one of them: Adrian prepared a video for his electoral campaign to become a YourEP MEP ... with a good sense of "green" humour

YourEP - Getting ready for Strasbourg! 2nd Project Meeting in Pitea, Sweden

13th March 2018

On 8th March, the 10 partners of the Erasmus+ YourEP project met in the snowy Piteå, Sweden for their second Transnational Project Meeting.

In 2017, the first phase of the YourEP project focused on giving the young participants the necessary knowledge about the European Union and the European Parliament and letting them design their future "inclusive" simulation of the European Parliament.

With this second Project Meeting, partners focused on the second phase of the project: the online preparation of the future YourEP simulation, and the planning of the actual simulation in Strasbourg! To plan ahead, both young participants and youth workers from each partner organisation gathered to review the many ideas shared by all participants in Brussels in November 2017 on how to organise the YourEP simulation so that it is accessible to everybody, including youngsters with fewer opportunities.

All these ideas have now turned into concrete plans, which will be implemented online until all participants meet again to conduct the actual simulation in Strasbourg in late May.

In addition, YourEP partners also prepared for the European Youth Event following the implementation of the YourEP simulation itself in Strasbourg, not only will the YourEP group also take part in the EYE2018, but it will also organise its own EYE Workshop on political education through games!

For more pictures, please check this Facebook Gallery!

YourEP Project : Work in progress!

7th February 2018

Through a new online vote, project participants have now decided that they will discuss both a serious/realistic and a funny/unrealistic "EU law" during the future "YourEP Simulation of the European Parliament" on the following issues:

Having both a "serious" and a more "funny" topic will make sure all participants can more easily get engaged in the simulation!

#YourEPsimulation 's design: Participants voted for their priorities!

22nd January 2018

The online preparation of our future "YourEP" political simulation of the European Parliament in Strasbourg this year is under progress!

The project participants have now voted for the topics they'd like to adress as future "YourEP MEPs". Each could vote for his/her 3 favourite topics, and the results are:

But after the #YourEPsimulation itself, the young participants will have 2 more days to discuss many more topics with other young Europeans thanks to their participation in the European Youth Event 2018!

YourEP in Brussels: Challenge completed!

30th November 2017

On 20-24 November, the YourEP Project had its first meeting involving all its participants from 7 EU partner countries, with a majority of young people experiencing their first trip abroad as well as their first Erasmus+ experience.

Together with the youth workers supporting them, the young participants began by learning about Europe, the European Union, and the European Parliament in particular. Through various activities - discussions, visits of the European Parliament and the European Quarter, an “EU Board Game” and meetings with MEPs and other EU officials in particular – they acquired crucial knowledge for the rest of the project ... and their life as EU citizens of course!

All this learning then helped them reflecting about the next steps of the project. Through their first roleplaying activities and a World Café, they brainstormed about the future “inclusive” simulation of the European Parliament that they will implement next year.

All their ideas will now feed into the preparation of this simulation, which will continue online in the next few months, before we all meet again in Strasbourg in 2018 to test the young participants’ own EU political simulation, and even participate in the European Youth Event 2018!

Once again, thanks a lot to everybody who made this experience possible: Erasmus+ of course, the young participants themselves for their energy and ideas, the MEPs we could meet (MEP Brando Benifei, MEP Julie Ward and MEP Rainer Wieland), project partners, and JEF-Europe & JEF Brussels!

A full pictures gallery is now available here, as well as a Report on the entire week here!

EYE 2018: Here we come!

10th November 2017

Good news: the YourEP Project's group has been approved by the European Youth Event 2018!

Next year in Strasbourg, the young participants will therefore not only have the opportunity to try their own inclusive simulation of the European Parliament: they will also take part in the biggest Youth Event in Europe!

For more information about the EYE, check its website here.

A democratic logo?!

9th November 2017

It's official: the YourEP Project elected its logo! As part of the online activities organised to prepare and involve the participants in all possible aspects of the project, an online election was organised to let the participants choose their favourite logo.

And the winner is ... "Mr Messy Light Blue and Yellow Letters", candidate Nr Five! With a turnout of 68.5% of "YourEP electors", it won the relative majority.

The detailed results are:

Learning about the EU the fun way #2

18th October 2017

A small teaser before YourEP's next meeting in November in Brussels!

To learn about the European Union and how it works without getting bored, the young participants will get to play "Legislativity", an EU Board Game, translated by the German group from Caritas Ludwigsburg-Waiblingen and now looking nice and colourful!

Politics starts at home! #2

9th October 2017

To prepare our upcoming week in the European capital of Brussels in November, YourEP partners are looking first at politics at the local and national levels. Last week it was The Inclusion Network's turn, with a visit of the Houses of Parliament in London!

Already looking forward to the EYE2018!

10th October 2017

Registrations for the European Youth Event 2018 just opened and the application for the YourEP group is now submitted! We just have to keep our fingers crossed while waiting for the answer.

In any case, YourEP participants are already in the starting blocks! Right Activa? 

Learning about the EU the fun way

25th September 2017

Many many thanks to YourEP Project's young German participants from Caritas Ludwigsburg-Waiblingen !

They have already met several times since late July, and worked hard to translate a board game* about the EU in English so that we can all play it in Brussels in November! Thanks to them, learning about the EU will be a lot more fun for everybody.

* More information on the game itself, Legislativity, created by Europa Zentrum Baden-Württemberg:

Coming soon: Street interviews on the EU from Romania!

15th September 2017

This time, some news from YourEP's young Romanian participants!

While preparing for the trip to Brussels in November, when groups from all 7 partner countries will meet to discover the European Union at its very heart and start designing their own inclusive political simulation of the European Parliament, Nevo Parudimos's young participants have also decided to conduct street interviews in Romania to check their fellow citizens' opinion of the EU!

Politics start at home!

31st August 2017

While all participants are still discovering the EU through online activities, YourEP Project partners and their group are also starting various local activities to prepare before meeting all together in November in Brussels.

This week in Sweden, the participants from Activa have for instance visited the Town Hall of Örebrö to listen to the local political council debate!

A perfect way to learn about how politics work at the local level, before discovering the wider national and European picture late.

YourEP goes online!

3rd July 2017

The Erasmus+ project for youth YourEP, coordinated by the YES Forum, has now entered its online phase!

YourEP’s participants will now take part to various online activities: all kinds of EU-related media content as well as exchanges between the participants from different countries will contribute to prepare them before meeting in November in Brussels.

YourEP’s online presence has also expanded with now:

Have a look and check them regularly for updates!


YourEP: Work in Progress

31st May 2017

On 30-31 May, sunny Stuttgart provided the perfect setting for the YourEP project's 1st Transnational Project Meeting.

Together, the project partners and their young participants planned the next steps, in order to prepare all participants in the next few months and help them design their own open and inclusive simulation of the European Parliament when they will all meet in November in Brussels.

Once again, many thanks to all participants for your motivation, engagement and brain power during these 2 days!

YourEP officially starts!

1st April 2017

YES Forum's Erasmus+ youth project "YourEP" officially started on 1st April.

YES Forum's latest youth project "YourEP", funded by the Erasmus+ programme, will run from April 2017 to December 2018. This Strategic Partnership will involve a total of 10 partners in order to develop and implement a political simulation of the European Parliament specifically designed for youngsters with fewer opportunities.

During the first months, project partners will recruit and prepare their young participants for the main events in November in Brussels and May 2018 in Strasbourg. They will also meet in Stuttgart on 30-31 May to plan these meetings ahead, with the help of the young participants themselves.


New approved project: YourEP!

15th February 2017

YES Forum's youth project "YourEP" is officially approved and will run from 2017 to 2018.

The German National Agency Jugend in Aktion approved the YES Forum's latest youth project "YourEP", which will therefore be funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

The Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership “YourEP” will involve a total of 10 partners. Running from mid-2017 to late 2018, YourEP will consist of several Transnational Meetings and Blended Mobility meetings aimed at developing and implementing a political simulation of the European Parliament specifically designed for youngsters with fewer opportunities.

More details will be available soon!