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On - too many - occasions, this year has highlighted the importance of our commitment to young disadvantaged people. The Brexit referendum and its age demographic breakdown, the rising terrorist threat and the link between marginalisation and radicalisation, the challenging integration of young refugees, are all reminders that our network's continuous efforts for the inclusion of young people are crucial in building sustainable democratic societies across Europe.

Within this context the YES Forum has, all year long, been especially busy helping young people raising their voice, leading to the conclusion of several projects. The two "Level Up!" Youth exchanges have given new opportunities to dozens of our members' young participants, while "YES Academy"  helped us exchanging views and preparing policy recommendations for a more inclusive Erasmus+ programme.

While project applications are still being evaluated by our respective NAs, several YES Forum projects will run their course in 2017. In next May, the "Our Life, Our Voice project will be concluded by its final conference in Brussels. The EVS4All project will also be concluded in 2017, while the H2020 PROMISE research project will involve the YES Forum until 2019.

For your participation and support in all these activities, we would like to conclude this year with a big and sincere THANK YOU! We will keep doing our best to support the network and satisfy all YES Forum members and, in the end, all the young people our common efforts reach everyday.

And of course, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and, in advance, Happy New Year!

The YES Forum Secreteriat


Focus: European Developments

· Launch of the European Solidarity Corps read more »

· “Investing in Europe's Youth” Communication read more »

· Maltese EU Council Presidency read more »

· Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council - 21st November read more »

· EU-CoE Youth Partnership – 2017 Workplan read more »

· New Mobility Scoreboard read more »

YES Forum’s activities and members’ activities

· Save the date: GA and "Our Life Our Voice" Final conference, 3-4 May 2017 read more »

· 2016 Policy Event in Brussels, November read more »

· Position paper | Erasmus+ and Youth work read more »

Calls for Proposals, Conferences and Training

· Call for participants – “Creating a Social and Fair Europe for all Young People” read more »

· 2017 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals and Programme Guide read more »

Other News

Focus: European Developments

Launch of the European Solidarity Corps

On December 7, the European Commission officially launched its new “European Solidarity Corps” initiative.

Announced by EC President Juncker during his State of the EU speech in September, this initiative aims at allowing young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to sign up for opportunities to make an important contribution to society across the EU.

Concretely, a pool of young people who register their interest to take part in solidarity-related projects will be created. Organisations will then be able to search the database to select participants and offer them opportunities under the already existing EU schemes (EVS, VET traineeships etc).

Young people can already register to be part of the Solidarity Corps here.

“Investing in Europe's Youth” Communication

On December 7, the European Commission published a communication called “Investing in Europe’s Youth”, outlining already existing and upcoming measures to better support youth across Europe.

The initiative covers four key areas (employment, studying and working abroad, education and training, solidarity and participation).

Besides already existing or announced measures (Development of the European Solidarity Corps, extra budget for the Youth Guarantee etc), the communication announces that, to increase the quality and attractiveness of apprentices' mobility, the Commission will propose a new dedicated long duration (6-12 months) mobility activity "ErasmusPro", within the existing  Erasmus+ programme to support work placements abroad.

Maltese EU Council Presidency

On January 1st, Malta will officially hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Youth is not explicitly part of the Maltese EU Council Presidency priorities, even though Social Inclusion will be one of its top objectives.

The efforts in youth policies carried out under the two previous presidencies will however be pursued through the ongoing 18 months Structured Dialogue with young people across the EU.

Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council - 21st November

On 21 November, EU Youth Ministers met in Brussels to debate the outcomes of the Structured Dialogue formulated during the last EU Youth Conference, and adopted conclusions on promoting new approaches in youth work.

The conclusions highlight the importance of youth work for reaching beyond the formal structures to young people of different backgrounds, including marginalised and disadvantaged youth. They also call for the use of innovative tools in youth work practice.

Ministers also exchanged views on how to reconnect young people with the European project.

For more information, please click here.

EU-CoE Youth Partnership – 2017 Workplan

The European Commission (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE) recently agreed on the 2017 Workplan of their partnership in the field of youth, the EU-CoE Youth Partnership.

Its main activities next year will include:

  • The Symposium “Youth policy responses to the contemporary challenges faced by young people”;-    The development of a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on youth policy;
  • A renewed Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR);
  • A workshop on “young refugees’ voice”;
  • A contribution to the organisation of conference on countering violent radicalisation, to be held by some regional SALTO Resource Centres.

For more information, please check here.

New Mobility Scoreboard

The European Mobility Scoreboard was launched by the European Commission on 8 December on the occasion of the first European vocational skills week.

This new tool provides a framework for monitoring progress made by European countries in promoting and removing obstacles to learning mobility.

An online platform features dynamic maps that allow the user to understand at a glance the policy environment for learning mobility in Europe.

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YES Forum’s activities and members’ activities

Save the date: GA and "Our Life Our Voice" Final conference, 3-4 May 2017

In parallel to the final meeting of the project `Our Life, Our Voice’, the 2017 YES Forum’s General Assembly will be organised in Brussels in the first week of May 2017.

On 3rd May, the General Assembly will offer space to promote our ideas and aims as a European network as well as an opportunity for interested organisations to meet with YES Forum members.

On 4th May, the `Our Life, Our Voice’ final conference will conclude the project by presenting its final results and recommendations on youth poverty to all stakeholders at EU level.

We are looking forward to seeing you there, so remember to save the date in your agenda!

2016 Policy Event in Brussels, November

On 15-16 November, the YES Forum held its Policy Event in Brussels under the topic "Working with young people - Between discourse and practice".

The 2016 Policy Event was a unique opportunity to meet with high-ranking EU officials, including MEPs Jeroen LENAERS (NL, EPP), Julie Ward (UK, S&D) and Brando Benifei (IT, S&D), Antoaneta Angelova-Krasteva and Georges Bingen from the European Commission (DG EAC, Youth and Sport) and Klaus Loeffler from the European Parliament (EYE Unit).

For the first time, young people took part to the event to voice out their concerns directly to EU officials. To make the most of their trip to Brussels, they also visited the European Quarter, the European Parliament, and met with MEP Kaja Kallas (EE, ADLE) for an informal talk.

To know more about the content of the discussions during the event, please check the report on our website.

Position paper | Erasmus+ and Youth work

In last November, the YES Forum released its Position paper on Erasmus+, which includes a set of recommendations toward EU policy and decision-makers in order to improve Erasmus+ in the future.

The position paper, presented during the 2016 Policy Event in Brussels, was communicated to all relevant stakeholders, including the European Commission and the European Parliament. The YES Forum secretariat will stay in touch with those interlocutors in order to ensure the network’s voice is taken into account in future EU legislative works.

Do not hesitate to help us by disseminating the position paper within your own network, and especially to your National Agency!

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Calls for Proposals, Conferences and Training

Call for participants – “Creating a Social and Fair Europe for all Young People”

From March 27th to 30th 2017, the German Erasmus+ National Agency JUGEND für Europa will organise the 2017 German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT) in Düsseldorf. Registration will close on 15th January.

Youth workers and experts in the field are all invited to join this large-scale event. About 400 youth workers and youth experts from all over Europe are expected to discuss the challenges of youth work across Europe.

For more information about the programme, please click here.

2017 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals and Programme Guide

The 2017 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals and Programme Guide have been published by the EACEA.

In 2017, the Erasmus+ total budget will increase by 13%. Among the total budget of €2 157,1 million, about €241 million will be dedicated to calls for proposals in Youth and Sport.

The next deadlines for applications in the Youth field have been set on:

  • 2nd February
  • 8th March (Capacity Building in the field of Youth only)
  • 26th April
  • 4th October

For more information, please click here.

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Other News

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