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It Works!

Erasmus+ KA202 - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training


Unemployment is a steady concern and a challenge across Europe for the past years. Even more so as a large number of people, especially young and from migrant background, can’t find a way to enter the job market. Through employment the cycle of social exclusion can be broken for EU and non-EU residents especially socially excluded youth, NEETs.


The objective of the ItWorks! project is to develop a holistic approach towards employment and training of socially excluded youth, through:

  1. Interrelating the socially excluded youngsters themselves and professionals working with them and professionals working in companies responsible for internships;
  2. Analysing the needs of disadvantaged and unemployed youth;
  3. Providing capacity building to both groups of professionals;
  4. Providing a soft skill training and an “Assisted Training Scheme” for disadvantaged youth;
  5. Offering and coaching pilot internship placements;
  6. Developing guidelines and handbooks summarizing this new method, targeting diverse groups and being easy to adapt.
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Four main products (Intellectual Outputs – IO) will be developed together with the consortium partners.

Before developing the Intellectual Outputs, the project partners carried out a State of the Art research. The State of the Art research will be conducted in each partner country and will form the basis of understanding the specificities of each country in the development of the material needed for professionals and young adults out of employment/ education. This will set a coherent context for the following intellectual outputs that consist in this project in relation to the European dimension.

The results of this research are publicized in two different summary documents: (i) State of the Art of Internships and VET activities for young people with difficults in the countries where the members of the consortium are based; and (ii) the activities developed by the members organisations to support the development of VET.

It Works! Handbook & Toolbox for Professionals

The Handbook & Toolbox for professionals working with marginalized youth and NEETs will focus on tools for employability and soft skills taking into account the needs that the Partners have mapped out in their respective countries as well as good practices. The innovative element of this Intellectual Output is the collocation and creation of a toolbox accompanied by a handbook with easy to use guidelines for every professional to use no matter of his/ her background in order to provide better services to the target group.

It Works! Handbook & Toolbox for Professionals

Read the translations here: Greek Version, Romanian Version, Spanish Version

Soft Skills for Employability: It Works!

What was already identified as a need is the lack of methodologies and modules addressing low skilled, out of education and away of formal education beneficiaries. The creation of a module based on EQF soft skills for NEETs based on the diagnosed needs which can then, after its piloting period, be easily adapted to different national contexts and for different target groups.

Part I - About the project

Read the translations here: Greek Version, Romanian Version, Spanish Version

Part II - Methodology

Read the translations here: Greek Version, Romanian Version, Spanish Version

Part III - Learning Content

Read the translations here: Greek Version, Romanian Version, Spanish Version

"Assisted Training Scheme"

To create a concrete, rounded intervention that can be multiplied and adapted in a European context, we try out a new approach in work-based learning. It is a training scheme that builds on mediation between disadvantaged young people and the professionals working with them in the workplace by professional youth workers/ trainers. The aim of this Intellectual Output is to provide a chance for disadvantaged youngsters to be part of an assisted training scheme/ internship in order to facilitate their smoother introduction to work based learning and as a final result their entry to the labour market.

It Works! Guidelines for Assisted Training Scheme

The final Intellectual Output of the project will be the result of the pilot intervention "Assisted Training Scheme" in the form of guidelines that can be used for policy recommendations and companies involved in training schemes and internships. The guidelines will support organisations and stakeholders to gain deeper knowledge of how to improve their work-based learning, as well as for deepening the understanding of the needs of disadvantaged groups in entering the labour market.



Seven partner organisations from six european countries enable and implement the It Works! project