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14/01 2019

Kinderstadt Goes Europe - 2nd TPM in Oradea, Romania!

Project partners from Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and of course Romania came together to discuss their progress and exchange ideas for the implementation of their very own "Kinderstadt" projects during the 2nd TPM in Oradea.

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19/12 2018

PROMISE Case Studies – Available Online!

The PROMISE project, led by the University of Manchester published 22 ethnographic case studies carried out in 10 partner countries.

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04/12 2018

#YourEPsimulation: 2nd Publication - "Sésame, Ouvre-toi!"

The YourEP project, led by YES Forum and 9 members and partners, published its second outcome: "Sésame, Ouvre-toi! Recommendations - Unleashing the full potential of political simulations".

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29/11 2018

YES Forum Policy Event, Brussels, 21-22 November

Under the title: Why so serious? EU politics can be fun! YES Forum organised a policy event on 21-22 November in Brussels

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27/11 2018

“Promising Contexts for Youth Involvement” – Report available!

On 21 November in Brussels, YES Forum and researchers from the EU youth research project PROMISE met EU stakeholders, including the European Parliament and Commission, to present their results.

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05/11 2018

DIVE 3rd Partners Meeting, 2-4 November, Cagliari

The DIVE project (Diversity in Pan-European Networks) held its third Transnational Partners Meeting in Cagliari on 2-4 November.

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25/10 2018

Annual Project Meeting & International Marketplace

On 10-11 October the YES Forum held its annual Project Meeting at Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL).

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17/10 2018

"YES to Volunteering!" - Staff Training 2, Groningen, 9-10 October

On 9-11 October in the charming Groningen (NL), the “YES to Volunteering!” Strategic EVS led by YES Forum held its 2nd event.

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25/07 2018

#YourEPsimulation: 1st Publication!

The YourEP project, led by YES Forum and 9 members and partners, published its first outcome: "The YourEP Experiment - Key Lessons for Inclusive & Accessible Political Simulations".

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23/07 2018

DIVE - Towards greater diversity among pan-European Youth Networks: 2nd Training

The DIVE project (Diversity in Pan-European Networks) held its 2nd International Training on inclusion and diversity in Athens on 10-15 July.

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