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11/04 2016

YES Forum: a step closer to the EYE2016. 2nd YO!Fest prep meeting

On 18-20 March, the YES Forum participated at the second YO!Fest preparatory meeting in Strasbourg.

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05/04 2016

Erasmus+ Call for proposals on prevention of radicalisation and social inclusion

New Erasmus+ call for proposals on Preventing violent radicalisation and Fostering social inclusion.

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30/03 2016

YES Forum at Erasmus+ Forum "Inclusion and Education"

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22/02 2016

Our Life Our Voice Young People and Poverty Partners' Meeting

Partners' meeting within the KA2 project 'Our life. Our voice. Young people and poverty'.

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22/02 2016

Youth Political Participation. Level Up! Planning Meeting

The Advance Planning Meeting brings together young people from 5 different countries.

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30/11 2015

'European Youth Policy: A changing environment' - YES Forum event in Brussels

On 12-13 November 2015, the YES Forum organised a high-level event in Brussels for its members and partners, with the aim to tackle the issues faced by organisations working in the changing environment of the European youth field.

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29/10 2015

YES Forum - YO!Fest partner at the European Youth Event 2016

On 23-25 October, the YES Forum participated at the first YO!Fest preparatory meeting taking place in Brussels.

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12/10 2015

YES Forum present at the Learning Mobility in the Youth Field conference

Between 7-9 October, the YES Forum participated in the conference ‘Learning Mobility in the Youth Field: Towards Opportunities for All. Evidence, Experience, Discourse’.

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21/09 2015

YES-Forum Contact Making Event 2015 - Stuttgart

Summary - Contact Making Event 2015

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03/08 2015

EU Youth Strategy Evaluation

The Directorate General for Education and Culture of the Commission of the European Union is conducting an Interim Evaluation of the implementation of the “EU Youth Strategy”.

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