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"Gender - Perspectives and Realities from Young People"

On 9-13 March, young participants added a creative touch to the “Gender Project" through a seminar in Berlin.

09/03 2020

Young participants learned about the wide world of gender and exchanged about their own experiences, challenges, wishes, hopes, concerns and questions on the topic.

They explored many different areas of life to navigate the “Gender Jungle”: Gender roles and expectations and the stereotypes sustaining these, “Toys’ Stories” and how these can reproduce or fight gender clichés, LGBTQI+ and all the diversity hidden beyond the binary women/men, “Back to School!” and how formal education can be both a source of all gender inequalities but also their solution, and finally the workplace and its many issues in regard to gender!

Moreover, for the project’s outcomes to reflect youth’s own voice, they also drafted comic-strips on gender based on their discussions, in order to inspire the project’s upcoming comic-book! This will help youth workers across Europe addressing this topic with young people: they will get the perfect “conversation-starter”, totally relevant to youth because made by young people, and accessible thanks to an easy-to-read format!

Have a look at the seminar’s atmosphere and creative results here on Facebook, or in this Report! And don’t forget to stay tuned to get the project’s publications in the next few months!

For more information, you can also check the project webpage.