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Many ideas on Gender in Youth Work at 2nd TPM in Aegina

Project partners came together in Greece to discuss ideas for gender-sensitive youth work to be shared at training in Munich (see Events for further details!)

24/04 2019

Project partners came together from 24-25 April in Aegina, Greece to discuss their common ground of working on the topic of gender with young people, and to share ideas for gender-sensitive youth work which will be presentedat the project's first training in Munich, Germany in June 2019 (see here for further details!).

In small groups and as a whole, participants talked about gender-sensitive youth work in their context and the challenges they face. First ideas of how this will be incorporated into the products of the project - a guide on gender-sensitive youth work including a toolbox with concrete examples and a creative medium developed by young people - were collected. A presentation of how Swedish partner Skelleftea Kommun is incorporating the topic of gender into their daily work with young people through school workshops and the presentation of German partner SKA Darmstadt's Gender Suitcase inspired all partners.

We are looking forward to meeting again at our training on 17-21 June in Munich and sharing concrete methods and tools of how to work on the topic of gender with young people, as well as getting inspiring input into the topic as a societal issue from external experts!

Feeling curious and would like to join us? Take part in the training via the YES Forum! More information can be found here.