YES Forum


"Planning the Future" Meeting

On 18 October the YES Forum held its annual Project Planning Meeting at Jugendhaus Neugereut, Stuttgart (DE).

24/10 2019

On 18 October 2019, the YES Forum organised its annual Project Planning Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. The meeting took place at Jugendhaus Neugereut, a children and youth centre. Clemens Kullmann, from the Stuttgart Youth Centre Association (Stuttgarter Jungendhausgesellschaft), presented the association and the different activities that are offered to young people in many different places in Stuttgart. A big thank to them for hosting us and for their warm welcome!

This year, the YES Forum┬┤ s partners as well as new faces came together during these two days to work for a more inclusive Europe for young people with fewer opportunities. After a short game to boost everyone's creativity, brainstorming activities allowed the project partners to exchange and to come up with new project ideas for the upcoming years. You weren't able to join the meeting and are interested in joining a new project proposal? Get in touch with us!

We are looking forward to these future collaborations!

Prior to this meeting, the Yes To Volunteering partners met in order to critically reflect on the project. Read more about the YeToVo project here!