YES Forum


Conference - “Challenges and opportunities for international youth work”, 18 May, Berlin

On 18 May, the YES Forum participated in the conference “Encounters. Change. Renewal. Challenges and opportunities for international youth work in a globalised world” in Berlin.

24/05 2017

The conference was organised to mark the 50th Anniversary of IJAB, Germany’s central specialist agency for international youth work.

The YES Forum was invited to present its own approach and projects during the workshop “Giving social justice an international profile”. On the one side, the presentation focused on the “Our Life. Our Voice. Young People and Poverty” project to showcase how the YES Forum aims at contributing to social justice through internationalised youth work.

On the other side, the workshop gave the YES Forum the opportunity to present the innovative youth research project PROMISE to the interested participants. The EU-funded Horizon 2020 research project explores how young people who are in conflict with soceity react to the challenges they are facing. YES Forum presented the innovativ participatory research design, target group and aims of the research project during the workshop.

More information is available (in German) here.