YES Forum


New project: YES to Volunteering!

The latest YES Forum project proposal, “YES to Volunteering” (YeToVo!) has been approved by the German Erasmus+ National Agency for youth!

27/02 2018

From early 2018 to mid-2020, this Strategic EVS will support the development of the exchange of international volunteers within the YES Forum network.

Project partners will focus on youngsters with fewer opportunities to open volunteering and international mobility to a wider and more diverse audience, as disadvantaged youngsters are, still to this day, underrepresented in such initiatives.

In parallel, the project will also organise several Staff Trainings to ensure the quality of the EVS activities which will be implemented, and help newcomers in the field of EVS and volunteering in their preparation to send and/or host their first volunteers!

More information will be available soon on our website.