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YES Forum’s own workshop at the #EYE2018!

YES Forum, with several partners and young participants, had the exceptional opportunity to organise its own workshop on 2nd June, inside the European Parliament, during the European Youth Event in Strasbourg.

18/06 2018

Titled "Why so serious? EU Politics can be fun!", the objective was to show - and discuss - how it is possible to teach (and learn!) about the European Union in fun ways.

The main objective was to use 2 games to introduce and teach the participants the legislative system and how negotiations operate within EU, while remaining informal and fun, and this way, accessible to participants regardless of their personal knowledge or background.

The first game was Legislativity, a board game that show the different steps a proposal text has to go through to be adopted and become a new law. The 2nd game was “Mermaids´ Quota”, focusing on negotiation and cooperation: the players have to speak together and reach an agreement on how many mermaids they want to fish as a community, but also personally. The goal of this game was to show that EU members have to think as a community even though national interests differ to find the best long-term strategy.

To conclude the workshop, we discussed with the young participants what was their feelings about the EYE and EU politics, but also the workshop, the games and the methods used to learn in a more informal way.

You can also have a look at all pictures here!