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"YES to Volunteering!" - Staff Training 2, Groningen, 9-11 October

On 9-11 October in the charming Groningen (NL), the “YES to Volunteering!” Strategic EVS led by YES Forum held its 2nd event.

17/10 2018

The “YeToVo!” Strategic EVS is a YES Forum project which will implement 19 European Voluntary Services by mid-2020. The project will ensure accessibility to youngsters facing additional obstacles compared to their peers.

To foster ideal conditions for the exchange of European Volunteers, the partnership gathered in Groningen (NL) on 9-11 October. This 2nd Staff Training focused on how to provide the best support to volunteers.

YeToVo’s 2nd Staff Training

The training involved both:

Quality support from Sending and Hosting Organisations is essential to make volunteering abroad a life-changing learning experience. That is why, on 9th and 10th October, participants exchanged tools, methods and ideas on how to provide the best support to European Volunteers before, during and after their EVS.


“International Internships & Volunteering Market”!

On 11th October, YeToVo partners were joined by additional YES Forum members to strengthen YeToVo’s promotion of volunteering and European mobility through an “International Internships & Volunteering Market”.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Hanze University, they met local young people, social work students, and even youth/ social workers! They discussed available opportunities to experience European mobility in the youth & social field, like volunteering with EVS and the new European Solidarity Corps, but also concrete internship opportunities within the YES Forum network!


For more information on the project or details on the event, have a look at the Report below! And you can find all our pictures here.


YeToVo! - Report on the 2nd Complementary Activity, 9-11 October 2018, Groningen PDF | 772 KB