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Youth Political Participation. Level Up! Planning Meeting

The Advance Planning Meeting brings together young people from 5 different countries.

22/02 2016

On 15-16 February 2016, the partners from the youth exchange Youth Political Participation. Level Up! came together in Stuttgart for the project's preparatory meeting. A staff member and a young person from each partner (La Ligue de l'enseignement, Zefiro Cooperativa, Together Trust, Jongerenwerk Barkema en De Haan, Stiftung Ev. Jugendhilfe St. Johannis Bernburg) discussed the details of the 2 events which will take place in Strasbourg and Bernburg within the project.

The exchange in Strasbourg will shed light on the topic of active participation, starting from basic information about participation at EU-level, building up self-confidence of the participants to new forms of participation made possible via social media. The YES Forum organises the exchange together with the partners and is happy to integrate young people in the planning process to give them a chance to articulate what their needs and expectations of the project are.

One highlight will be the participation at the European Youth Event and the activity which will be facilitated by the participants of the exchange. Our activity will be about how fast people judge a book by its cover, especially in times where social media and the internet in general are the main ways for young people to communicate and present themselves to the world.

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