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Erasmus+ KA205 - Strategic partnership for youth


The "Europe through young Eyes: Exchange, Explore, Exhibit (Europe3E)” project is designed as a follow-up project of the highly successful "YourEP" and “Our Life. Our Voice. Young people and poverty” projects. It focus on a more personal level to engage those young people who we could not reach in these projects, especially those with fewer opportunities.

The objectives of the "Europe3E" project are to :

  1. Tie Europe with young peoples’ lives on a personal level;
  2. Interact with Europe in a creative and inclusive way by using the method of peer and photovoice research;
  3. Make Europe tangible by experiencing it through a simulation;
  4. Empower the participants to explore, research and share the influence of Europe locally and on a transnational level;
  5. Enable the participants to compile recommendations for EU policy and to present these to policy makers;
  6. Develop and publish strategies on how youth with fewer opportunities can be engaged with Europe on various levels.



Three main products (Intellectual Outputs – IO) will be developed together with the consortium partners.

Europe and me – participatory photovoice research

The Intellectual Output will sum up the experiences during the implementation of the photovoice method in the European context of the “Europe3E” project. This ensures that not only the youth workers involved will learn how to use the photovoice method and thereby a new way to engage young people in the European project, this knowledge will also be available to a much larger group of stakeholders. The guide will encompass a “how to” part as well as showing the resulting images taken by the young participants.

How to involve all youth in the European project

This guide will be different and complementary to other existing materials, as it is aimed to be self-explanatory. It will encourage youth work practitioners to plan, facilitate and implement own simulations in order to create a free learning opportunity for young people, especially for those without prior knowledge and interest in politics and the European Union. Thus this output will contribute to activities encouraging young people to get involved socially and politically at local, national and EU level.

Policy Recommendations

The Policy Recommendations are targeted at policy makers at local and EU level identifying what policy makers can do to encourage young people to explore the EU and to make their voices heard. The recommendations build on the process and results of the peer-research of the young people and the training activities, in particular the simulation game. These recommendation are crucial as they complement views and voices of young people who are not well organised and who are outside mainstream political dialogue procedures.

Moreover, the implementation of the "Europe3E" project activities will follow these steps:

Preparation and training of the participants

Each partner organisation will recruit 5 youngsters with fewer opportunities and 2 staff members to support them, to take part in one TPM as well as one Transnational Training in Brussels on the topics of Europe, EU politics creative research and photography.

Research, gathering of results & political simulation

The participants will participate in a second TPM, and a Transnational Training in Strasbourg, in order to go further into activities on EU citizenship and to take part in a political simulation.

Dissemination of Intellectual Outputs, Advocacy work

Lastly, a photo exhibition will be organised, as well as discussions about policy recommendations, to spread them in the youth sector to policy makers and beyond through networks of partners.