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Project Activities

Europe3E – 1st Online Training

9th November 2020

On 2nd - 6th November, the Europe3E Project held its first meeting involving all participants. A majority of young people experienced their first Erasmus+ experience through a Virtual Training. It allowed them to meet, exchange and collaborate despite challenging times.

The meeting was vacilitated by the youth workers and external experts of the YES Forum, Elie Demerseman and Sophie Brandes.

The training had two main objectives. For one it intented to give all young participants the necessary knowledge to engage in the following steps, with a focus on learning about Europe, the European Union and EU citizenship, the European Parliament, as well as all the learning happening in such an intercultural exchange. The young people also learned about the “Photovoice” method: a perfect, easy tool to help anybody express themselves – opinions, feelings, concerns, questions, hopes, wishes … - on complex topics through photography!

The following steps for the groups are to lead the Photovoice peer-research process in partners’ countries, as separate groups first, before discussing and comparing their earliest visual results online, and in person eventually and to prepare for the project’s next event: participants will meet again in Brussels or Strasbourg in mid - 2021. There they will conclude their learning experience on the EU by taking part in a simulation of the European Parliament, leading to policy recommendations based on their debates. They will also finetune the Photovoice process by leading final discussions on their visual results will will lead to the future photo exhibition.

Europe3E - 2nd Project Meeting in Vienna, Austria

5th September 2020

On the second and third of September project partners, originating from Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France, took part in in the second partner meeting for the Europe 3E project. Due to special preparations and a hygiene concept it was possible to split the meeting into a shared virtual and on site session in Vienna, hosted by the associated member OEJAB.

In this new environment the partners discussed the developments of the Europe 3E project and reflected upon their challenges due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The aim of the event was to further coordinate the next steps of the project, including the organisation of trainings with young participants in the near future and to strengthen and support each other’s efforts in shared European projects.

The YES Forum wants to thank OEJAB for coordinating the event and making a face to face meeting possible under these extraordinary circumstances. Also many thanks to BAG EJSA for providing the YES Forum with the necessary technical infrastructure for the team in Stuttgart.

Europe3E: First Partner Meeting

30th November 2019

On 28-29 November, all partners gathered in Bernburg, Germany for the EUrope3E´s 1st Transnational Project Meeting.

Project partners spent two productive days getting to know each other, planning next steps and even trying out their first steps as photographers.

Once again, thank you to all our enthusiastic participants, and especially to all the young people who joined our meeting! 

Europe3E officially starts!

1st November 2019

YES Forum's Erasmus+ youth project "Europe through Young Eyes: Exchange, Explore, Exhibit" officially started on 1st November.

YES Forum's latest youth project "Europe3E", funded by the Erasmus+ programme, will run from November 2019 to December 2021. This Strategic Partnership will involve a total of 7 partners in order to reach meaningful Active Citizenship, to raise Political Awareness, and to deepen Social Inclusion among youth, through peer and photovoice research, political simulation and policy recommendations. .

During the first months, project partners will recruit and prepare their young participants for the main events in November 2020 and June 2021 in Brussels. They will also meet in Bernburg on 27-28 November to plan these meetings ahead, with the help of the young participants themselves.