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YES Forum is a European network of 39 NGOs from 19 EU member states working with and for young people with fewer opportunities. Collectively, the network reaches over 750 000 young people across Europe.

Here you can find the list of all members.

YES Forum

YES Forum and its members are committed to improving life chances of vulnerable young people and fostering their inclusion into society.

To have an overview of YES Forum's 2019 activities, please click here.

  • Many ideas on Gender in Youth Work at 2nd TPM in Aegina

    24.04.2019 Project partners came together in Greece to discuss ideas for gender-sensitive youth work to be shared at training in Munich (see Events for further details!) read more

  • DIVE 3rd Training, 22-27 January, Malmö

    28.01.2019 On 22-27 January in Malmö, Sweden, the DIVE project (Diversity in Pan-European Networks) held its third Training on Inclusion and Diversity. read more

  • Kinderstadt Goes Europe - 2nd TPM in Oradea, Romania!

    14.01.2019 Project partners from Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and of course Romania came together to discuss their progress and exchange ideas for the implementation of their very own "Kinderstadt" projects during the 2nd TPM in Oradea. read more

  • PROMISE Case Studies – Available Online!

    19.12.2018 The PROMISE project, led by the University of Manchester published 22 ethnographic case studies carried out in 10 partner countries. read more

  • Gender-sensitivity in youth work: 1st Staff Training

    17.06.2019 Youth work practitioners and external experts meet to explore the topic of gender in this exciting training. Including exchange of best practice, workshops and discussions. Be a part of it via the YES Forum! read more

  • Kinderstadt goes Europe: 2nd Staff Training in Arvidsjaur

    01.07.2019 This special 2nd Staff Training gives project partners the exciting opportunity to experience Arvidsjaur's very own first Kinderstadt called "Let's Go Kids!", organised as part of the project! read more

  • Planning The Future: European Youth & Volunteering

    17.10.2019 YeToVo's last Partner Meeting is more than just a feedback meeting... Join us to look ahead and plan future projects! read more