Why become a member

The YES Forum operates as a focal point for exchange on policy, best practice and information on youth social work. Our network is recognised by the European Commission and the Council of Europe as an expert organisation in the field of disadvantaged young people.

In order to respond to the challenges and opportunities faced by young people, we foster the cooperation among our members in different ways. The YES Forum creates room for peer learning and exchange of inspiring practices.

We organise workshops, trainings and webinars open for member organisations and also for professionals working with marginalised young people. As part of lifelong learning, we believe that further training of professionals ensures high quality in the various work fields with young people.


Our network also contributes to the debate and to the advancement of policy issues affecting young people and youth service providers at European, national, regional and local levels.

We engage in civil dialogue with EU institutions and contribute with research and policy recommendations on key topics. The focus is on giving a voice to professionals working with vulnerable young people and including young people whose voices may be overlooked.

Last but not least, the YES Forum is driven by its members. The Members’ Assembly agrees upon the annual budget, determines strategic project activities, and defines the future lobbying focus as well as the priorities of the annual work plan. Becoming an EEIG member grants the active involvement in shaping the future development of the network.

Applications and information

If you would like to join the YES Forum or recieve more information about the network, please send us an email to and we will send you all the relevant documents.

For new applications, the YES Forum Board will then assess  and make a recommendation to the General Assembly, which finally decides about the membership.