READY - Understanding the European Union

9 January 2023

On 11-17 December, young people with diverse backgrounds met in Strasbourg to learn about Europe and the policies of the European Union and how to design efficient infographics.

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VOICE - Spreading the word about Photovoice method's benefits

17 November 2022

The YES Forum introduced both the project and the research method to youth and social work professionals, policy-makers and young people in Brussels

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POWERst - How to POWERst in Higher Education

14 November 2022

On the 26th of October, the YES Forum promoted the POWERst project during its annual Policy Event in Brussels.

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Social Inclusion and participation of young people in Europe

2 November 2022

On 26-27 October, the YES Forum in collaboration with BAG KJS hold its annual Policy Event in Brussels.

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READY - Making EU Provisions Easy-to-Understand

17 October 2022

READY project partners met in Zagreb on 11-12 October to discuss the easy-to-understand version of selected EU provisions and prepare the local activities and the training for young people.

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VOICE - Outcomes almost ready!

29 September 2022

The VOICE partnership enjoyed a change of setting by meeting in the Bulgarian countryside for their 3rd Project Meeting

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Busy, fruitful week

15 September 2022

Between 5 and 9 September, the YES Forum participated in the POWERst Summer School and hosted meetings of BRIDGE and UPin projects

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Exploring new working fields

13 September 2022

The YES Forum’s Secretariat welcomed the members for the annual Project Planning Meeting and organised some study visits in Stuttgart

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VOICE - Mission accomplished

12 July 2022

The second training on the Photovoice method was held in Vienna between the 4th and 6th of July

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IT WORKS! - Progress evaluation and defining next steps

21 June 2022

Project partners hold a new transnational meeting to discuss the impact of implemented activites and clarify the coming tasks

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VOICE - Learning Photovoice by doing it

8 June 2022

Youth and social work students and young workers from all over Europe met in Viareggio to learn about the participatory research method

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At last together!

1 June 2022

After two years of online events, the YES Forum's members gather together in Viareggio to celebrate the network's Annual Event and 20th Anniversary.

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New projects, new partners… and finally on-site!

18 May 2022

The READY and U.Pin projects start with two face-to-face meetings

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BRIDGE – Training our abilities to transfer and manage knowledge within our organisations

11 May 2022

The YES Forum presented the first results of the survey on intergenerational dialogue in the second BRIDGE training

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Let’s bring the EU and young people closer!

9 May 2022

Making the Union accessible to youngsters is the first step to encouraging them to become active European citizens

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Getting involved in European discussions

31 March 2022

The YES Forum has participated in three European events during March

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VOICE - Join our trainings!

22 March 2022

VOICE will organise free international trainings for social & youth work students up to 30 years old in May and July 2022.

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Social Platform's statement on the war in Ukraine

3 March 2022

Together with all Social Platform members, YES Forum calls on the EU to support the most vulnerable people.

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Europe3E – Policy recommendations published!

24 February 2022

The publication compiles the main highlights of the exchanges and experiences of young participants

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SAAM – Working on stereotypes and how to face them

23 February 2022

YES Forum contributed to the SAAM Seminar with a workshop about stereotypes and prejudices

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VOICE - Going forward!

11 February 2022

Partners met online to plan further steps on the 1st and 2nd of February

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VOICE – Project Kickstart!

1 July 2021

To kickstart YES Forum’s new VOICE project, partners met online to plan ahead on the 29th and 30th of June.

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