Our vision

The YES Forum desires a society where every young person, regardless of their background, is able to realize their full potential and is given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to society.

We long for a participatory culture where young people are encouraged to have a voice and to be involved in decisions impacting their lives, allowing them to fulfil their aspirations.

Our mission

“Together we can make sure young people’s voices are heard”

The YES Forum promotes civic and political education across a more inclusive Europe. We are dedicated to increasing the opportunities and chances in the lives of all young people by providing support for a real participation in society.


Our values

Youth participation is our central value. The guiding question in our work is not "What can we do for young people?". Instead, we are asking "What can we do with them?".

Embedded in a culture of listening and meaningful involvement of young people, we acknowledge the diverse ways of how young people can make valuable contributions to projects and activities, by promoting social engagement of young people.