We contribute to the development of policies on youth and social affairs by transferring knowledge gained through practical experience and by giving the young people a voice which European decision-makers hear and pay attention to.

Thus we support a greater and more effective cooperation between different stakeholders such as public authorities and policymakers to implement the needed policies and reforms in the field of youth affairs.

We respond to European policy developments and inform decision-makers about our key concerns. Our members’ extensive field experience provides us with valuable knowledge and insight for pertinent policy recommendations.

Our priorities

Our advocacy priorities focus on vulnerable young people from five perspectives:

  • Social inclusion, education and employment
  • Participation and active citizenship
  • Migration and diversity
  • More and better mobility opportunities
  • Youth work and non-formal learning

Our latest advocacy work

Social inclusion and participation of young people in Europe - Policy Event

The YES Forum, in collaboration with BAG KJS, organised its Policy Event in the context of the European Year of Youth 2022. This in-person event took place in Brussels, 26 - 27 October 2022. The aim of the event was to focus on the services, offers and projects of youth social work through-out Europe.

At the event, we:

  • presented the importance of the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan,
  • promoted and discussed on its effectiveness, and
  • exchanged how to better implement it at the national and local level.

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#rEUconnecting - a campaign for a more inclusive and social Europe

What is “European cooperation”? What can it be useful for?

We have collected different interpretations of this concept and some success stories

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Position Paper | Inclusive Youth and Education Programmes (2020)

For the civil society organisations subscribing to this position paper, inclusion is an essential part of their daily work - be it as a welfare or youth association, Church or social and educational institution. We are committed to truly inclusive education programmes at the European level.

This includes a comprehensive, diversity-friendly inclusion strategy for all European funding programmes that addresses multiple discrimination.

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