From 8th to 9th of September the YES Forum member’s and other interested parties met in Stuttgart to discuss new project ideas and get to know several social, local projects during the annual Project Planning Meeting.

In these days, participants presented and reflected on project ideas and explored partnership possibilities. The new ideas addressed the topics of preventive social work with young people in challenging situations, responsibility and leadership skills for young professionals, a European citizenship academy and many more.  

Promoting synergies

To enrich the brainstorming process, the group visited two local, social projects: the City Library and the Café 72.

They discovered the library’s initiatives to promote not only access to information and culture, but to be an open place for all citizens to meet, learn and exchange.

Visiting Café 72 was complementing the tour, as this is a safe 'indoor' space for people experiencing homelessness. The Café is a place in which people can socialise with each other and get support in many ways, e.g. providing food, cloths, cooking together, or consult a medical doctor.

The aim of the study visits was to explore new links between organisations that do not usually work together, but whose activities share similar objectives: inclusion and equality.