This project is focusing on the culture of participation in Bratislava, Slovakia. Young people are often viewed as immature to take part in decision-making processes and civic activities. And yet, they are expected to be active citizens once they reach adulthood. Up to 70% of youth think their voice is not heard in society and 90% think they should have a say (research by IUVENTA, 2021).

Our project will address this gap between the expectations and the lack of opportunities for young people to learn and practice participation. We will reflect on barriers that youth from minorities face in participation and will work towards their empowerment and development of their skills and capacities to fully engage in society.


"A part of all" is focused on empowerment, inclusion and increased participation in community activities and policy making of youth from minority and vulnerable groups in Bratislava region.

The project's goals are:

  • Empowerment of youth from vulnerable groups.
  • Inclusion of youth from vulnerable groups.
  • Increasing participation of youth from vulnerable groups in community activities and policy making.

Project details:

Action: Erasmus+ KA210-YOU - Small-scale partnerships in youth

Project coordinator: Centrum pre výskum etnicity a kultúry

Duration: 2022-2023


Project partners:

  • CEVK
  • YES Forum