This was the first time I visited Brussels and the European institutions. The program was nice, even though we missed part of the morning program on the second day. This was due to a communication error, which was resolved well.

When I came in on the first day I thought everyone looked very serious, but shortly after that I was able to relax. The ice breaker gave me contact with other people. That's nice, because you can talk to other people you don't know. I did get a little more information about the institutes, but sadly I can't learn everything within two days.

When I was asked to speak in front of the group, I was very excited. And I was also very happy that I was asked to give my opinion. When it was time to speak, I really liked it! I also liked that I was given a choice to participate and that I could cancel at any time. That gave less pressure to say yes. I found it a very special experience to sit with the speakers and because they were talking about my peers, I was listening extra carefully. It's nice to hear that someone is involved in my age group and that they want to mean something to us and want to get to know us.

I really enjoyed the exchange! And if there is another similar exchange, I would love to participate again.