Multiple points connect me with the YES Forum, and I should say that each of these points represents a unique journey and enriching experience.

The first connection was created in Viareggio (Italy) where many participants from different European countries came together to discover an interesting tool called Photovoice, the tool that promotes inclusion, participation and empowerment in youth work (and not only).

Since I had not heard about this tool before, I was eager to learn about it and try it by my own. Fortunately, the training offered a plenty of opportunities to do so. Starting our training days with funny icebreakers and energizers, we continued with some theoretical insights into the Photovoice method. I have to admit that international and interdisciplinary exchange made this theoretical part very interactive and lively.


After a couple of days of a ‘theory boost’ we went ‘in the field’ to collect our photo inputs for a further sharing and exhibition. Yes, about the discussion… It was an amazing experience in itself: many interesting views and perspectives, discussions on global and local issues and collective search for the ways for a better future for all of us. Summing it up, I can say that I came back to Germany inspired and with a number of great insights and ideas.

The next connecting point happened in the heart of European politics, in Brussels. There I had a great opportunity to present the VOICE project and my experience from Viareggio. It was a pleasure to present the interesting project in a supportive, family-like environment and to take part in a number of meaningful conversations. The whole atmosphere encouraged me to think deeply about different stages of policy-making process as well as to reflect on challenges and opportunities involved in this process. And I am very grateful for this experience!

At the very end I would like to add that I am looking forward to creating further connecting points with YES Forum!