READY project partners met in Zagreb on 11-12 October to discuss the easy-to-understand version of selected EU provisions and prepare the local activities and the training.

In small groups participants reviewed and analysed the easy-to-understand translation of the EU provisions. Young people from the partner countries also took part in the discussions to make sure the provisions are all understandable for the target group.

Participants discussed whether the translated provisions are understandable, clear and not too complicated for a young reader with little knowledge on the EU. Accordingly, they presented their constructive feedback and suggestions. The final version of the easy-to-understand provisions will be READY soon!

Now is the time for local activities!

Each partner organisation is organising local activities with young people to prepare them for the one-week training in Strasbourg in December 2022. These local activities aim at fostering good conditions for the training, getting participants acquainted with the European Union and preparing activities for the Strasbourg training.

Next is the training in Strasbourg on 11-17 December where young participants will receive training sessions on the EU, its functioning and the role of treaties and policies, and the learning techniques on how to design an effective infographic. Stay tuned!

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