The European Union as we know today is the result of seventy years of development and treaties. Although the treaties are translated into all the languages of the 27 member states of the EU, that does not ensure everyone understands the text. They are all written in “legalese”. So how do we ensure that the importance of the European Union is recognized by young people if its texts are far from their reality?

With READY we want to raise EU awareness in young people by making relevant provisions from EU treaties understandable to them. We want to raise literacy competencies in young people, so they can better understand the meaning of these treaties and the importance that they have over their lives.


READY aims at raising literacy competencies in young people, who are furthest away from political awareness.

The main objectives are:

  • To ensure that the language of the relevant provisions to young people present on European Union treaties and policies are accessible to them.
  • To bring young people closer to understand what the European Union is.
  • To trigger the interest of young people so they appropriate the text of EU treaties.
  • To promote knowledge of the real impact of the European Union in the daily life of EU citizens.
  • To foster a better quality youth work using innovative and creative approaches
  • To improve the skills and competencies of youth workers and future youth workers

Project details:

Action: Erasmus+ KA220-YOU- Cooperation partnerships in youth

Project coordinator: YES Forum

Duration: 2021-2023


Project partners:

  • YES Forum
  • Zefiro
  • Pistes Solidaires
  • Forum for Freedom in Education
  • Framework