As part of ongoing efforts to promote the participatory research method Photovoice among social & youth work at the European level, VOICE will organise free international trainings for social & youth work students up to 30 years old in May and July 2022.

Join us!

In 2022, several international trainings will provide opportunities to students from diverse European countries to meet and learn together about Photovoice, while providing their own input to make this tool even better!

You can join us in:

  • Viareggio, Italy, on 23-25 May
  • Vienna, Austria, on 4-6 July

To make these trainings entirely accessible, all costs will be covered thanks to Erasmus+ funding. Participants will also be supported by social & youth work professionals from partner NGOs in the whole process and, besides the main Trainings, take part in:

  • Before: A local preparatory meeting to meet other participants from the same country, getting comfortable with an international setting etc;
  • After: A “Local Photovoice Experiment” through which participants will use their newly acquired skills and knowledge by co-organising, with the help of a local partner NGO, a Photovoice process in their local environment.

What’s in it for you?

Through activities combining theoretical aspects with a concrete “learning-by-doing” approach, participants will learn how to use the Photovoice method in their own local context and therefore be able to:

  • Give a voice to marginalized groups by harnessing their creativity;
  • Involve participants in discussing complex issues through an accessible, fun method;
  • Empower local communities by giving them a way to take part in public debates;
  • Achieve long-lasting change through the power of photography!

Participants will also get the full Erasmus+ experience in just a few days! Beyond Photovoice, they will broaden their horizons through:

  • Intercultural learning: Meeting students as well as youth & social workers from all over Europe;
  • Showcasing the diversity of European social work: Learning about youth & social work in other national contexts;
  • Cultural discovery: Discovering what makes Viareggio and Vienna European cities!
  • Future of Europe: Expressing themselves in the context of European Year of Youth!

Finally, participants will also contribute in diverse ways in creating the project’s results, such as an Online Photovoice Exhibition based on the results collected through the Trainings! For more details, simply check here!

Interested after reading the details below? Contact the nearest project partner to jump on board!