On the 21st and 22nd of September, the VOICE partners hold the 3rd Project Meeting hosted by Solidarity Works in the Bulgarian countryside.

The VOICE partners first reviewed the “state of the art” in the ongoing production of all project results and the recently concluded youth activities. They adjusted and detailed their plans accordingly.

VOICE is developing a variety of deliverables to promote the qualitative research method Photovoice as broadly as possible across Europe: a video tutorial, a Photovoice Exhibition showcasing the results of the VOICE participants, a handbook for social and youth work professionals and a policy brief.

Local Photovoice Experiments

Following the VOICE Trainings in May & July, partners and young participants implemented their own “Local Photovoices” to gain further experience in their local context. All partners found meaningful opportunities to use this participative research method, e.g. with migrants in Austria, rural girls in Bulgaria, the drop-out teenagers in Italy and high school students in the Netherlands!

Partners then focused on the upcoming “Promotion Phase”. They outlined a Social Media Campaign which will be supported by the partner and Creative Digital Agency Frissekom to strengthen the partners’ “online outreach”.

Participants also brainstormed about the future “Multiplier Events”, and especially shared ideas on which stakeholders to include and how, which space to give VOICE participants themselves in these events, and what material to develop

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