In October 26th 2022, the YES Forum held the VOICE project's multiplier event in Brussels. Both the project and the benefits of the Photovoice method were presented to professionals from the social and youth work field, young people and policy-makers.

Two participants from the youth workers trainings in Italy, Kim Köhler and Olga Vlasova, led two informative sessions and held the interactive fair with the promotion of the results of the project so far.

Initially they presented the Photovoice method and the project results to a group of German-speaking young people (mostly teenagers) coming from various backgrounds and their accompanying youth workers, in German.

Later on they had the opportunity to present the project during the YES Forum Policy Event in a plenary session and in a interactive fair. There they welcomed all interested parties and had the chance to promote the VOICE project more in detail.

An academic poster developed by the partnership to showcase the method use in social and youth work was the starting point for discussions. The online exhibition created with the photographs of the training participants were also promoted in the fair.

The participants found the Photovoice method an interesting approach to stimulate creativity and civic engagement and a particularly useful tool to engage young people from various backgrounds.

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