Unemployment is a steady concern and a challenge across Europe for the past years. Even more as a large number of people, especially young and from migrant background, can’t find a way to enter the job market.

Through employment the cycle of social exclusion can be broken for EU and non-EU residents especially socially excluded youth, NEETs.


The “The Employable Youth: It Works!” project is designed with a clear focus on Vocational Training and the need for on the job training.

This project aims at the creation of tools for employability and soft skills to support the youth along with a number of job placements for youngsters.

Additionally, it aims at enhancing the knowledge of the professionals (youth workers, educators, coaches and trainers) who work with NEETs through capacity building and training in order to be able to facilitate job placements for socially excluded youth.

Project's outputs:

It Works! Handbook & Toolbox for Professionals

Soft Skills for Employability: It Works! - Part I - About the project

Soft Skills for Employability: It Works! - Part II - Methodology

Soft Skills for Employability: It Works! - Part III - Learning Content

Assisted training scheme

Guidelines - Part I - Organisations' activities

Guidelines - Part II - State of the art

Guidelines - Part III - Recommendations

Getting familiar with the training materials

The It Works! Training for trainers took place in March 2021. It was held online due to the remaining travelling restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the training, local stakeholders and trainers from the partner organisations got familiar with the materials produced in the frame of the project. Participants discussed and learned how they can apply the "Soft Skills for employability" curriculum and the "It Works! Handbook & Toolbox for Professionals" in an online environment.

The focus was on how to work with NEETs in an online environment and on tools and methods to keep them engaged and motivated.

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Project details:

Action: Erasmus+ KA202 - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Projectcoordinator: YES Forum

Duration: 2019-2022